Rod's Food Polyp Poppers 2oz (FROZEN)

Rod's Food Polyp Poppers 2oz (FROZEN)

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Polyp Poppers are a much smaller, bright yellow, saltwater fish egg compared to the Original Fish Eggs (now called Tentacle Teasers). Polyp Poppers are small enough for SPS to capture but larger enough to treat your fish too.

- Feeds nearly every inhabitant of reef aquariums
- Contains fish eggs that are a tasty treat for your entire reef
- Feed on occasion as a treat or entice new arrival. Thaw in small amount of tank water and pour into high flow area.

- Max. moisture content: 84.4%
- Min. protein: 4.43%
- Min. fat content: 0.67%
- Max. fiber content: <0.2%
- Max. ash content: 2.9%

Ingredients - fish eggs, reverse osmosis water.

Package Size - 2oz.