Shop Light Fundraiser

February 24th-25th, 12-7pm
1937 Golden Heights Rd Suit 100, Fort Worth, TX 76177


We have been making a lot of progress on the shop and have almost all of the systems plumbed and ready to go! Unfortunately, we don’t have enough lights for the remaining tanks, and it will cost about $10K to light the rest of the coral systems. We hope that you guys will continue to be a part of growing this store to its fullest potential by participating in our Shop Light Fundraiser!

Ways To Contribute

  • Immortalize your name up on our wall! Choose to donate without anything expected in return and as a thank you, we’ll put your name on a plague on our wall! Don’t want your name out there for the public to see? Make one up! The funnier the better! Be Mr.SaltyPants or Mrs.Bubbletips. (Names subject to approval.) Cash and card are both accepted in store or donate right here on the website!
  • Got loose change rattling around in the car??? That can actually really help us! Donate your spare change to get entered into a separate raffle drawing!
  • Every $20 spent in store (and on the Live Sale) gets you a raffle ticket! Take advantage of our store-wide sale! Fish are 20% OFF! We’ve got brand new coral in stock and sales posted throughout the store! BOGOFREE, 50%, 20%, BOGO50% OFF and more!
  • Show us your best Coral Pong game! $10 gets you a toss at unlimited prizes! Prizes rotate throughout the day and Sunday will bring a whole new set of fun things to win! Buy 6 tosses to get one free!
  • Coral Pong Rules

  • No age restrictions. However, must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol.
  • No bouncing the ball.
  • Contestants must stand behind the line on the floor.
  • Join our Live Sale on Sunday night! We will be posting up a Live Coral Sale on Facebook for our out-of-town customers.
  • Like the service you’ve been receiving? Tip your sales associate! All tips will go into the light fund.


Thank you for bringing light to our store! 😊

  • The Absolute Salinity Team